Sunday, April 21, 2013

Domain Transfer

The NEET.Gam3rz boards can now be found @

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Website

The new NG website is finally up, though it's temporary until I feel I have enough time on my hands to manage the boards again. From this point on, all updates will be managed via the new website, you can visit it here;

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Renegade Donors

As the question regarding what they ( Renegade Donors ) are has been sprawled up quite often in the past week, I've decided to explain the title properly.

Renegade donors, are donors that have donated towards NG's unpaid invoice.
Until this invoice is paid off, the NG boards cannot go back online.

The bill that must be payed off is 122$ USD, this is for both the NG & Pulsate / official NEETGuard server.

I've received a total of 26$ so far, and I'm thankful to those who've donated.

I myself simply don't have the money to pay off the server myself, though once this bill is payed off, NG will remain online for 6 months ( as this is the plan's duration ).

On the subject, renegade donors will be given a semi-bypass; as-well as a carat/exp hack upon the release of PyE. They'll have access to it via the main trainer.

If you'd like access, donate any sum above 5$ to via paypal.

Be sure to add who you are in the transaction notes.

PyE | Revolutionary


Saturday, December 8, 2012


Tye is a very straight forward and simple trainer I created simply to kill time.
The trainer is protected with NEET.Guard though, so users will need to be verified.

I whipped the trainer up in just roughly 4 hours, so it's nothing special.
It's most prominent features are that it's unpatchable, and it's completely bypassless.

Here's a screen shot ;

As you can see it currently features the following hacks,

Air Suspension
Gravity Jump
& Sonic Speed

The trainer isn't anything special as stated prior, and it's development is still being decided over.

If anyone would like to use this trainer, post your NGiDs on this post.
One can retrieve their NGiD directly from Tye's Auth. form.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Overdue Invoice

NEET.Gam3rz is currently down due to an overdue invoice, I'm flat broke at the moment and I can't sum any money to pay off myself.

If you'd like to help bring NG back online, donate to | All donations will be held towards getting the forum back online.

I need a total of 85$;

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Agreement Form

Well, what do you think?

I've gone on a long-stretch with the new UI for Theory.
I wanted something new, and never-before seen.

This is the new agreement form, as you can see I added to generic tiles.
Clicking on either will send the user to a new form with the selected terms embedded.

The terms are loaded directly from a server doc., so it can be updated in real-time in_case of
any major changes.

The tiles themselves have a roll-over effect, as windows 8's "live tiles" simulate.

I was going to go ahead and add tool-tips to document different key functions, but as stated prior I wanted Theory to become as user friendly as possible & wanted to stray away from the generic windows application.

As far as it's general build, all of Theory's forms have a back-lit border though sadly I wasn't able to catch it via the snipping tool to share with any readers.

I've ditched the generic windows form border, and tried to create my own with some already known controls.

I myself am quite happy with how Theory's new UI is developing, and will soon be posting many of the other changes in the trainer via this blog.

Thanks for reading,